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(Next update on ~ October 2018)

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We are so pleased to meet you. Welcome to our poetryZone, where we make love with words in authentic and beautifull poetry! We are going on a journey together, are you coming along with us? Very recently we decided to start sharing our love for words, linguistic expressions and offcourse a little brainfart every now and than; throughout our original content.

Warm reactions and positive vibes make us jump for Joy! We hope you will keep enjoying our work, content and other features on poetryZone.

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Lets stay connected, please be sure to sent us your comments! Your feedback is always welcomed and valued, without any doubt.

If you are a poet, writer, artist or other creative soul and you feel like a colaboration? Are you now or in the near future in wanting of a feature on our IG @poetry_dg page or on the poetryZone blog/website? Please let us know immidiately! Your work will gladly be promoted, we would be honored and offcourse open to alot of suggestions.

All we can additionally say, in order of letting you get to know us a little bit better is this. Sometimes it’s just not enough, to remain standing on the sidelines of life and be used as a steppingstone. Being fearless in setting up personal boundries, seems the only way to truly survive this sometimes corrupted world. Personally we prefer the path of least resistance.

“Fighting a war”, doesn’t mean; “to be violent”… that’s why the expression simply with usage of words is so beautifull and not to forget very powerfull. Battleling out a personal war that may or may not be forced upon, can also mean figuratively battling this out on levels you wouldn’t ever wish to lower yourself to. We know, truly and fully we understand this too. Sometimes we just need to do, what we need to, in order to survive. So we say this again with pleasure, “let us all be killed by love”!

We are excited, sharing the finest poetry and we love sharing the love as much as we are capable of and is humanly possible! 🙂


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